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Our Aims and Goals

Pancomp Distribution Americas, is the distributor for Pancomp International, Ltd. in the Americas. Pancomp offers transparent Workforce & Workflow management and Time & Attendance solutions in real-time and reliable Guard Tour Monitoring solutions. We are based in Forest in beautiful Central Virginia. Our owner, Stefan Backstrom, has been active in the wireless industry since the early 80's, and was brought from his native Finland to Lynchburg in 1995 by his longtime employer Ericsson, who had a large presence in the area. In February 2013, Stefan founded his company Steffe's & Company, LLC. starting his co-operation with leading Finnish companies such as Pancomp International and ROGER-GPS.

Our objective is to always offer the best solutions and excellent service, and we strive to a long-term, mutually satisfactory relationship with all our clients and partners.


Let us know what we can do for you today.

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For information on how to secure indoor GPS signal coverage with GNSS repeaters from from ROGER-GPS, please visit Steffe's & Company by clicking here:

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